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Are you ready to get away and rest your mind, body, and soul?

What better way to accomplish this than to take a yoga retreat in India?

Practicing yoga is a way of life, and although you may enjoy yoga at home, or at your local studio, imagine what it would be like to live the lifestyle with a yoga retreat in …


THE birthplace of Yoga!

Through a yoga retreat in India, you will take a break from the hustle of the city and re-treat yourself to a place where you can be one with nature and take some time to connect with yourself.

Not quite convinced? Let’s explore some great reasons to go on a retreat in India!

1. Re-treat yourself, deepen your mind and rest your body.

City life keeps us very busy with activities and projects. It is always a great thing to take yourself away from the hustle of your life and the city.

Take yourself out of the grind and re-treat.

Re-treat and connect with nature as you surround yourself with waterfalls and the gentle breeze while you meditate.

2. Gain Yoga Knowledge

A yoga retreat in India is a great place to enjoy daily yoga practice and let you dig deep into the minds of excellent yoga teachers.

Being around yogis that are passionate about yoga and it’s deep roots will inspire and enlighten your mind and body.

As you study with the guidance of experienced yoga teachers, you will learn different about the history of yoga and maybe even try new techniques.

You will experience Kirtan (chanting) and yoga with a partner.

The experience of a yoga retreat in India will help you connect with yogi’s from all over the world from all ages.

3. Immerse yourself into a new perspective

Everything you have around you, devices, people, communication, traffic, studies, and/or work, can all cause a considerable challenge in getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Juggling a gazillion things in life, leaves you stressed and burnt out. Enjoying a yoga retreat will help you get back to your center.

Getting out of your routine by practicing yoga in India can bring you closer to your spirit and mind, self-study and reflection.

Learning to turn the busy world off through yoga will allow you to bring the spiritual wellness into your busy life and apply some balance for the future.

4. Being around like-minded people

People that practice yoga abroad say it’s great to meet and be around other like-minded yogis who share the same interests as them.

Practicing yoga at a retreat in India is a great way to meet welcoming people from all over the world who are not focused on how you look or how they look.

You will find an inclusive atmosphere full of love and acceptance.

5. See and Visit New Places

Through a yoga retreat in India, your pursuit of yoga can lead you to see amazing places.

You’ll be surrounded by majestic mountains, serene hills and/or the beautiful calm of ocean waves.

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of something like that?

6. Get away from technology

Nowadays you may think you have to have your cell phone and the internet at all times or you will die of boredom…

Not true!

Even though it may seem impossible to disconnect from the world, trust me, once you unplug and let life happen, it may be hard to go back!

Everything going on around us adds stress and eats up time you can’t get back.

A yoga retreat in India is the perfect way to unplug from the noise of the world and focus on you, your mind and your soul.

If you are seriously ready to unplug and become one with yourself, apply for our upcoming 5-day yoga retreat in India this November 2018.